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Expert opinion : The Nathe straight aga goyo bit is a lever bit designed for powerful horses. Its one-piece barrel provides the horse with a symmetrical left/right contact from the hand to the mouth. This helps the horse to come to rest on his bit. It avoids any pinching of the tongue. The rings will provide excellent lateral support and a more direct contact from the hand to the mouth as well as a very light leverage. The Goyo-Aga bit, mainly used in Iberian riding, has a rather strong action because it is used with a curb chain and therefore puts pressure on the bars with a leverage effect. It is mainly used on horses with a lot of natural impulsion. The Goyo Aga bit can be used in 3 ways :

  • Soft, with the reins attached to the top notch, it is halfway between the effect of the olive bit and the baucher.
  • Severe, with the reins in the bottom notch, where the leverage is more important.
  • Medium, with the reins in the middle notch, where the leverage is less important than if the rein is put on the bottom. The curb chain, if it is more or less tight, makes the bit more or less severe.

The high quality resin of the Nathe brand encourages horses to salivate. When the bit is applied to the mouth, the flexible bit will curve and distribute the pressure in the mouth on the tongue, the bars and the corners of the mouth.

Material : Made in Germany, Nathe bits are made of a high quality anti-allergenic thermoplastic. They are manufactured without the use of chemical substances or solvents. Thanks to their smooth surface, Nathe bits avoid the risk of overheating in the horse's mouth. They are reinforced with a cable which ensures the solidity of the bit. The resin bits remain at room temperature and offer a soft and relaxing contact.

Caution : This material is vulnerable and is not guaranteed by the manufacturer against wear and tear due to biting. We strongly advise against using a bit that is too damaged, as this could injure the horse's bars, tongue and palate. 

Brand Nathe Reference 17740 _ 41092

Technical sheet

Mouthpiece type Hard
Thickness 20mm
Weight 200g
Side pieces Kimblehook
Material Plastic
Mouthpiece Droit