Spare parts

A bridle or a bridle consists of several parts such as the browband, the noseband or the reins. It is possible to customize a bridle or a bridle to the horse's morphology to ensure more comfort and to personalize the look of the bridle.

Spare parts - Mors and More


  • Cheek piece

    The cheek piece are used to hold the horse's mouthpiece to the headstall. Their purpose is to stabilize the bit in the horse's mouth and to maintain the connection with the neck.

  • Muserolle

    The noseband is the part that surrounds the horse's nose. It is attached to the headpiece and allows a good stability of the bridle and the bit. There are several models that can accentuate the effect of the mouthpiece.

  • Reins

    The reins are the link between the hand and the horse's mouth via the bit. They are used to transmit the rider's aids. Depending on the rider's preferences, they can be made of different materials, thicknesses and flexibility. Apart from personal affinities, here are some tips:

    - If you are used to riding on varied terrain and outdoors rubber reins will offer you a very good fit.

    - If you are looking for soft and precise reins, go for leather reins.

    - If you prefer thin and easy to care for reins with a good grip when the horse sweats, fabric reins are perfect.

    For each of these materials, we have models with or without stoppers/grips to prevent your reins from slipping.

    You will also find other more specific reins such as reins with handles, braided, elastic, wedding rings...

  • Headpiece

    The headpiece is a piece of leather essential for the assembly of the snaffle. It goes behind the horse's ears and down towards the mouth. There are many anatomical models to meet the specific needs of each horse.

  • Flash Noseband

    The flash noseband is a thin leather strap added to the noseband. It supports the horse's chin and prevents him from opening his mouth. The adjustment is important, the noseband must be well adjusted and not tight.

  • Browband

    The browband, as its name indicates, is a piece that goes in front of the ears, on the horse's forehead. It is attached to the headpiece and allows it to be more stable.

  • Throat latch

    The throat latch is a strap that goes under the cheeks and throat of the horse. It connects the headpiece on each side which allows to stabilize the bridle. You must pass your fist between the horse's throat and the throat latch. 

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