Bridle Accessories

In the Bridle Accessories category, you will find all the accessories compatible with your bridle.

All the accessories for your bridle


  • Noseband protectors

    The noseband protectors allow to better distribute the pressure points or to protect the sensitive parts of the horse's head. 

  • Head protectors

    The headrest protectors allow to reduce the pressure points on the neck or to protect the sensitive parts like the ears or the nuchal ligament. 

  • Nose guard

    The nostril net is ideal for horses that are sensitive to insects, pollen, or have allergy problems. It is sometimes used to contain the salivation of the horse.

  • Blinkers

    The blinkers allow to limit the vision of the horse to make him more serene and concentrated. Ideal for horses that are hot, difficult to channel or are over the eye.

  • Masks and earplugs

    Masks and earplugs help keep a horse more serene and focused, ideal for hot and sensitive horses. Fenwick liquid titanium masks are specially designed to calm and help horses concentrate. The earplugs limit maximum noise for the horses. 

  • Storage bags

    Storage and transport bags to protect your bridles and bridles. 

  • Leather care

    Leather has the same properties as skin, so it needs to be cleaned and moisturized regularly. It is important to check the condition of your leathers and to perform regular maintenance. Poorly maintained leather can injure your horse or endanger your safety (e.g. leather breaking). In this category you will find many maintenance products for your leathers in order to keep them longer and in good health. 

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