The bridle is the whole harnessing of the horse, made mainly of leather. This set of parts will allow you to equip your horse, and to fix its mouthpiece. 


  • Training aid

    The taining aid is to help the rider to work his horse, on foot or mounted. The main objective of these reins is to orient the horse to a low position, which allows to work its back, its amplitude, its muscles etc. 

  • Spare parts

    A bridle or a bridle consists of several parts such as the browband, the noseband or the reins. It is possible to customize a bridle or a bridle to the horse's morphology to ensure more comfort and to personalize the look of the bridle.

  • Bridles and Snaffles

    Whether it is to guide or to work your horse, it is necessary to use a snaffle or a bridle. The main function of the snaffle is to support and stabilize the bit in the horse's mouth, while distributing the pressure evenly over the head. Indeed, the bit, via the reins, is the rider's means of steering his horse more precisely. 

  • Head Collar and lead

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