Loose ring snaffle - bradoon

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Expert opinion : The Stubben double snaffle bit slightly reduces the risk of a "nutcracker" effect on the tongue and palate thanks to its slightly flattened central olive. The double snaffle offers good mobility to the bit, allowing good relaxation in horses that can be supported with straight bits. It has good freedom of movement in the horse's mouth. It is a versatile bit that can be used for both learning and mature horses. The free rings offer a soft contact without leverage and allow easy play in the fingers to relax the horse's forehand. 

Sweet Copper : This alloy is made of 90% solid copper, 7% iron and 3% aluminium. It gives off a pleasant flavour for the horse when it comes into contact with its mouth, encouraging it to chew and salivate, thus relaxing its jaw.

Brand Stübben Reference 2224

Technical sheet

Rings size 55mm
Mouthpiece type plein
Thickness 14mm
Weight 175g
Side pieces Loose ring, Bradoon
Material Copper
Mouthpiece Double brisure