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Pelham beris prime Autopilot

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Size: 130 (5"2)
Shank lenght: 50mm
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The beris AUTOPILOT an absolutely new cheek that positions itself automatically in the horse´s mouth in a way that it applies only the lowest pressure to jaw and tongue. Anatomy of the mouth varies, as well as the preferences to the position of the mouthpiece. Now the horse can choose the most comfortable position of the mouthpiece on its own. Putting pressure on the rein means to increase pressure on tongue and jaw, but the mouthpiece rests stabil in the position the horse likes. Furthermore the chinstrip or a curb chain reduces the pressure on the poll substantially. We do recommend the beris AUTOPILOT for horses - that love a permanent relief for their tongue - that prefer a more mobile bit in the mouth - that do not like too much pressure on their poll - tending to get too hot with a sensitive mouth

Material: Beris bits are made of resin, with a very smooth surface that allows the bit to slide into the horse's mouth without the "gumming" effect that traditional resin bits can cause. This material is so smooth and soft to the touch that it can even be considered for horses with salivation difficulties. This resin is made from a plastic material for food use. A real asset to obtain chewing and a good acceptance of the bit thanks to its soft touch and its ambient temperature. Hand-made bits (possibility of traces of machining) Caution: resin bits are particularly vulnerable, it is strongly advised not to use a bit that is too damaged as this could injure the horse's bars, tongue and palate.

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Mouthpiece type
Ultra souple
Shank lenght
50mm, 70mm
Side pieces