Ultra-Comfy Lock Up Snaffle

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Expert opinion : The bit allow for immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure. The bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse’s mouth. The Ultra Comfy Lock Up has been designed to suit very sensitive mouthed horses. The center joint has been double locked to ensure that the angle over the tongue remains correct, even when the reins are taken up, but it retains the individual lateral aids. The Ultra comfy has a generous curve, to follow the shape and contour of the horse’s mouth. We have found that the need for softer and softer bits has been growing, as breeding has been producing finer and more sensitive horses.



*Unless mentioned in the options, the thickness of the barrel is :

Size (mm)Barrel thickness (mm)
< 11512
115 - 13014
> 13016

Please note : This bit is small, we advise you to take 1 size above.

Sweet iron : Sweet iron alloy oxidizes when in contact with the humidity of the mouth and the air. The oxidation brings a sweet taste which naturally stimulates the production of saliva. This corresponds to the effect of a sugar that is given to the horse at the beginning of the session but allows to diffuse this sweet taste throughout the work. Consequently, this alloy allows a good acceptance of the bit and helps the horse to get in touch with its mouthpiece. The oxidation modifies the aspect of the bit during the sessions.

Brand Bombers Reference BLR00SULC _ BLRPSSULC

Technical sheet

Rings size 60mm, 70mm
Mouthpiece type plein
Thickness 14mm, 16mm
Weight 300g
Side pieces Loose ring, Bradoon
Material Sweet iron
Mouthpiece Anatomique, Bloqué, Simple brisure