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Slimma weymouth

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Size: 127 (5")
Shank lenght: 50mm

The NS SLIMMA WEYMOUTH gives a good lifting action without upper palate interference. A very unobtrusive design that sits well back in the mouth over the thicker, less sensitive part of the tongue. The “Slimma” mouthpiece incorporates a wide low tongue bridge designed to eliminate any chance of upper palate interference whilst leaving much more space for the bridoon – hence a thicker bridoon is an option for a horse that is tentative into the contact. The NS Slimma is not very thicker and should be use for horses that are heavy in front and work too deeply. It is very popular, very comfy with an ergonomic design. It is not comfortable for horses that try to weight on it. This Weymouth is a perfect combination with the verbindend bradoon.

Material: The unique Salox® Gold possesses a high thermal conductivity. This means that the bit will warm to mouth temperature quickly and become ‘neutral’ to the horse, meaning that they are less likely to inwardly fixate on the mouthpiece and instead will be receptive to all the rider’s aids. Occasionally, the horse’s bit may come into contact with the teeth- namely the incisors (as we put the bit in) and the premolars. In this case, care must be taken to ensure that there is no discomfort or damage to the tooth itself. Salox® Gold differs from standard stainless steel and other copper alloy bits in that it is a slightly softer metal, allowing it to safely absorb impact forces whilst protecting tooth enamel. This can make the mouthpiece easier to accept by the horse. Neue Schule aims to keep the bit comfortable but neutral in the horse’s mouth. The horse should not inwardly fixate on the bit, but instead be receptive to all our aids. The addition of aluminium which forms a protective insoluble alumina coating solves the issue. It is also self-healing – if the horse bites into the bit the insoluble surface oxide quickly re-forms to re-trap the ions.
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70mm, 50mm
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