Full cheek Ultra Soft Prime

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Expert opinion : The straight full cheek bit, ultra flexible Prime, from Beris allows to obtain a more constant, stable and directional contact. It helps to make contact and is intended more for horses that have difficulty in stretching with articulated bits or are very sensitive to rigid materials. The straight barrel exerts a direct pressure on the tongue and bars, while freeing the palate. The fact that it is straight ensures a symmetrical left/right contact of the hand to the mouth and eliminates any risk of pinching the tongue. All these elements will allow the horse to gain confidence in his mouthpiece, to come and rest and to stretch. The Ultra soft barrel is ideal for very sensitive horses that do not appreciate the contact of a harder bit. It is a light barrel that releases the pressure in the mouth. The fact that it is very soft does not allow your horse to take too much pressure on it. It has a slight release of the tongue for more comfort. 

The full cheek bit will allow for excellent lateral framing and a more direct contact of the hand to the mouth.

Resin : Beris bits are made of resin, with a specially smooth surface that allows the bit to slide into the horse's mouth without the "gumming" effect that traditional resin bits can cause. This material is so smooth and soft to the touch that it can even be considered for horses that have difficulty salivating. This resin is made from a plastic material for food use. A real asset to obtain chewing and a good acceptance of the bit thanks to its soft touch and its ambient temperature.

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Caution : This material is vulnerable and is not guaranteed by the manufacturer against wear and tear due to biting. We strongly advise against using a bit that is too damaged, as this could injure the horse's bars, tongue and palate. 

Brand Beris Reference 10306

Technical sheet

Rings size 60mm
Mouthpiece type Ultra souple
Cheek size 145mm
Thickness 18mm
Weight 270g
Side pieces Full cheek
Material Plastic
Mouthpiece Droit