I-BRIDE Loose Ring straight resin

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Expert opinion : The I-Bride innovation allows the horse to be in optimum comfort, while being as connected as possible to the rider's commands. The barrel is designed so that the tension applied by the rider distributes the pressure exerted on the horse's mechanoreceptors. This allows the rider's control to be refined without being harsh on the horse and to connect the rider's sensations to the horse. I-Bride offers a barrel with 2 variable flexibilities: flex- and flex-. This flexibility is designed to adapt to the sensitivity of the rider's hands. I-Bride offers three different types of cushioning: soft, medium and strong. By adapting the cushioning (soft or strong) of your bit to the sensitivity of your horse, you help to improve your commands. By adapting the flexibility and cushioning of the bit to the sensitivity of your horse, the objectives are to :

  • Respect the sensitivity and uniqueness of each horse.
  • To allow the horse to be at the effort in an optimum comfort.
  • Prolong the horse's movement by giving it the idea of order. The small notch on the barrel should be placed forward, on the left side of the snaffle.

Adéliane©: I-Bride bits are made of a polymer resulting from medical innovation, Adéliane. It is a hypoallergenic and bio compatible material. It positively stimulates the horse's parasympathetic system. The objective is to solicit the proprioception of the horse. This alloy is very well accepted by horses and represents a good alternative to metal bits for horses that do not accept these alloys. It allows to keep a stable temperature to facilitate the acceptance and the relaxation of the horse.

Caution : This material is vulnerable and is not guaranteed by the manufacturer against wear and tear due to biting. We strongly advise against using a bit that is too damaged, as this could injure the horse's bars, tongue and palate.


‼️ Exceptionally, the trial/rental rate on the I-Bride bit range is 20 euros. For details, please visit the bit trial page.

Brand I-Bride Reference 0

Technical sheet

Rings size 70mm
Thickness 16mm
Weight 180g
Side pieces Loose ring
Material Plastic
Mouthpiece Droit