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Riding is practiced in couple with his horse. Good communication between horse and rider is essential to ensure comfort, well-being and performance. This is a prerequisite for both members of the horse/rider couple to enjoy themselves.

The mouthpiece and bridle are tools that allow for better communication. Any step in this direction requires a rethinking of the rider and an analysis of the sensitivities of his horse. In addition to the feelings of the rider, it is interesting to solicit an eye on foot,You must be aware of the horse’s attitude, salivation, relaxation, tension on the hand, whether he shakes his head or not. It is necessary to be attentive to the attitude of the horse, the salivation, the relaxation, the tension that it takes on the hand, if it shakes the head or not.

The choice of a mouthpiece or a bridle must be done by taking into account the sensitivities and physical particularities of each horse. It is a personalized approach that takes into account the age of the horse,the type of practice or the discipline but also the rider and his mount.

Choice of bit

Each bit is unique to a couple and not to a horse or rider.

It is important to opt for the simplest mouthpiece solutions before considering the use of more complex bits(2 rings, olives,verdun…)

We advise you to start by choosing the most suitable barrel, this one beingt in direct contact with the horse’s mouth. If you meet difficulties with a bit in a majority of cases, it is at the level of the barrel that the problem is solved. In general, a poorly fitting barrel is more detrimental to the horse’s comfort than one type of ring could be. The barrel is in contact with very sensitive areas such as the tongue and the bars. The choice of rings is of secondary importance.

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