Who are we?

Welcome to Mors and More, the specialist in Bits, Bridles and Accessories!

With more than 1400 references of bits and 30 brands of bridles available, Mors and More is your partner to find the bit solution adapted to the needs of the couple you form with your horse!

Our goal: To have the largest choice of bits and a wide range of anatomical bridles in order to allow a personalized search for the sensitivities of the horse and its rider. To ensure that the choice made is appropriate, we have implemented a unique rental system active on every bit purchase made on our site.

In addition, at Mors and More, we pay as much attention to the product as we do to the quality of service we provide to the customers who trust us.

From the choice of products, to the advice, to the preparation and shipping of your parcels and the after-sales service, the whole team strives to provide the best service and we take great pleasure in this daily challenge.

We are a team of passionate riders whose mission is to offer the widest choice of mouthpiece solutions to meet the needs of horses and their riders.

We work with about sixty brands, a network of professional bit and bridle fitters and partner saddleries for click and collect delivery!

Our team


Customer service manager and mouthpiece expert


CEO Manager and expertin mouthpiece


Event Manager


Merchandising manager

We have nearly 1400 bit references, each with different effects. There are almost as many needs as there are horse/rider couples because the mouthpiece is the main transmission element of the aids between the rider and his horse. It is specific to the couple and not to the horse or rider alone. The technique and the feeling are in the center of our reflection.

We are very attentive to the health and well-being of our own horses and give the same attention to the horses of the riders who request us. This is why we are developing our range to become as respectful and adapted as possible.

We are passionate about our products and about our customers, with whom we share the same passion. We strive to provide the best quality of service and take great pleasure in this daily challenge.

We are proud of our products but also of our prices, do not hesitate to consult our price policy! See you soon!