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Mors and More is a website specialized in bits for horses.

  • How to choose your bit?

As long as your horse does not have problem, a simple bit is enough: 2 rings, big rings, single or double break. The large ring allows a better channeling than a conventional rings (65, 70mm).

The Full cheek and the D-ring bit are often recommended for young horses because they allow a better frame. They also avoid lip pinching.
The 3 ring bit and D-ring are generally suitable for horses that pull slightly and unbalance forward.
The Gag bit jaw is often used for horses with balance on their shoulders. It can be used with 4 reins: the net reins will have a lifting effect while the reins fixed to the levator posts will have a lowering effect.
The Pelham bit can control hot and / or strong horses.
The Swales is the only bit that does not work at the neck and therefore keeps a better tension.
The Baucher bit has a slight toggle effect, so it has a small step down the neck.
Other bits also exist: The Kimblewick, The Curbgag, The Elevator ... They all have a very different action, our experts advise you to go directly on the data sheet of different products to learn more.

  • Which mouth pieces to choose?

The traditional one is stainless steel. Its price is often more reasonable than a copper bit.
Most yellow-colored alloys are composed mainly of copper which allows a good relaxation of the horse.
The sweet iron is a metal of black or blue color which, by oxidizing, offers a very appreciated taste of the horses. 
Soft rubber: it is the softest bit that provides maximum comfort for the horse. It helps to get a better tension. It is ideal for sensitive horses. It is to be used on horses that salivate.
The resin is slightly harder than a soft rubber. But is particularly pleasant in the mouth and cleans the tongue and the lips of the horse.
Leather is a natural material that activates the mastication so relaxes the horse by the taste it releases.
Attention: Each bit is unique to a couple and not to a horse or a rider.
Several different can bring the same action but with a different result depending on the horse and the rider.
Do not hesitate to contact us by email at: contact@morsandmore.com for any information. Expose us the difficulties that you meet with your horse we will advise you as best as possible.

  • Choose the right size?

It is quite complicated to advise a bit size depending on the size of your horse because some small horses have big heads and some big horses can have a very fine head.
What there is to know:
If it is an anatomical bits it is better to take a slightly larger size.

In general:
105mm for a pony up to size B
115mm pony C/D
125mm horses up to 1m65
135mm horses between 1m65 and 1m75
145mm beyond or for horses with massive heads


  • How do you know if the bit you use is suitable for your horse?

If your horse is a pleasant ride without effort and without defense, the bit is certainly suitable for him.
If you can not slow it, stop it, turn easily or if your horse is defending you have to change the bit you use.