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Bit Testing

You have the opportunity to try your bit through our rental system.


If within 10 days after purchase you are not satisfied with your bit you can turn your purchase into a rental.




For example: You buy a bit 150€, including shipping fees of 6,90€

                       Rental price is 20€

                       Mors and More will refund you 123,10 € = 150€ - (20€ + 6,90€)


How much does it cost ?

In accordance with the above conditions, Mors and more refund the purchase value of the bit with deduction of the shipping costs (if they were offered in the initial shipment) and the rental fees according to the following prices. : 


 Purchase Price

Rental Price

 0€ to 50€


 51€ to 100€


 101€ to 150€


 more than 150€



Price grid available only for the metal bits (Stainless steel, Copper, Titanium and Sweet-Iron), carbons and the rubber and plastic bits (With specific offer*). Also available for used bits.


Mors and More also offers rental service on the Rubber and Plastic bits. The rental price for all this bits is 50% of the value of the purchase price. In addition of the previous conditions, the bits must not have nicks and / or superficial claws greater than 1 cm.

If the conditions are not respected we can not guarantee the refund.  


What are the conditions to respect ?

- The bit is returned in his original packaging or at least a protective packaging,

- The bit must be returned within 10 days after receipt of the initial order (Weekend and holidays included),

- The bit must have remained in excellent condition or, failing that, in a correct state of wear,

- The parcel must be sent in colissimo followed. (Keep the receipt of the consignment with the parcel number in case of loss or theft) 


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: +33 6 36 40 70 16


Return Address:

Mors and More

5 allée du professeur Biserte,

59910 Bondues, France