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Straight Leather loose ring bit


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Straight Leather loose ring bit



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Product Details

Reference: 1A

Rings size: 70mm

Mouthpiece type: Soft

Thickness: 20mm

Weight: 140g

Complementary information

Virtually every horse like the feeling of leather in its mouth and reacts with increased chewing activity and more salivation. The more salivation, the better slides the bit in the mouth what means an increased well being of your horse. The anatomical shape of the mouthpiece adjusts when wet even more perfect to the anatomy of the horse's mouth. Extremely well suited is our leather mouthpiece for young and highly sensitive horses, disliking all other materials. This mouthpiece are tanned vegetable and stitched by hand.

Tips : Prior to the first use please soak the mouthpiece thoroughly in cooking oil. Please repeat since the leather seems dry to you. Prior to every use please soak briefly in cold water and rinse after use because saliva can erode the leather quickly. 

Leather is a vulnerable material, we strongly advise against using a bit that is too damaged, as this could injure the horse's bars, tongue and palate. 

Loose rings bit: The simplest in terms of action, direct action without leverage. 

Straight bits: If it is souple, it helps to get tension. Of it is rigid, the action will be stronger.

Tips: The straight flat leather mouthpiece gives the purest contact possible because it is equivalent to a skin to skin contact. The leather will soften a lot when in the horse's mouth and will create a total confidence between the rider's hand, the bit and the horse. Leather is a great alternative to traditional mouthpiece and will help give you good contact with your horse while staying soft. It is also a great bit in the winter as it stays at a normal temperature so you won't put a frozen bit in your horse's mouth. 


Clean with water after each use and occasionally with a special cleaning product for bits.

If you are not completely convinced by this bit, you can convert your purchase into a rental. We will refund you half the price of the bit. For more information, please go to the "Bit trial" section of your menu

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information on this bit by clicking here!