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JOHN Universal baby fulmer bit


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JOHN Universal baby fulmer bit



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Product Details

Reference: JOHN

Mouthpiece type: Full (not hollow)

The thickness and rings size varies according to the size :

Size Thickness Rings size
105mm(4.25") 12mm 60mm
115mm(4.5") 12mm 60mm
125mm(5") 14mm 60mm
135mm(5.25") 14mm 60mm

Weight: 280g

We can order other sizes, please contact us here !

Complementary information

Sweet iron material will oxidise on contact with the moisture in the mouth and the air.

  • The oxidation provides a sweet taste that naturally stimulates the production of saliva. This is similar to the effect of a sugar given to the horse at the beginning of the session, but allows this sweet taste to be diffused throughout the work. Consequently, this combination allows a good acceptance of the bit and helps the horse to take contact with the mouthpiece.                           
  • The oxidation modifies the appearance of the bit over the course of the sessions but does not alter its effectiveness.
  • This material does not require any specific maintenance other than daily washing with water and drying. 

Fager John is the ideal choice If you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Pulls on the bit, yet over-reactive to increased pressure on the reins.
  • Develops cuts, sores, and rubs easily at the corners of the mouth.

Fager John is a Double-Jointed Baby Fulmer Universal bit. Our bits are designed to have a 100% smooth surface, including around the joints. The joints are designed and constructed to ensure they never push against the palate or sit on top of the bars. All these clever features result in an extremely comfortable bit which naturally fits the contours of the tongue.

The straight, slim design enhances the aids, creating more direct and precise communication than ever before.

This design is an ideal choice for sensitive mouthed horses who easily cut, rub and bruise.

John also features Fager’s patented Baby Fulmer cheeks which are curved to avoid unnecessary pressure on the horse’s face. The Baby Fulmers stabilize the mouthpiece whilst the endings are purposefully designed to be straight and of equal thickness to stabilize the rings.

Universal rings allow variation of the leverage to suit different situations and horses:

For maximum leverage, attach the reins to the bottom ring and this creates a gag effect.

For a mix which emulates a mix of a Baucher bit and loose rings, attach the reins to the middle ring.

We also recommend using the Fager Secure Clasps and Chain to distribute the pressure more evenly between the poll, chin, and mouth.

Clean with water after each use and occasionally with a special cleaning product for bits.

If you are not completely convinced by this bit, you can convert your purchase into a rental. We will refund you the price of the bit minus a flat rate of 20€. For more information, please go to the "Bit trial" section of your menu.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information on this bit by clicking here! 

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