At Mors and More, we are very committed to price. Our prices respect the recommended sales prices of our partner brands in order to offer you the best possible service. We are pleased to offer you free shipping in our partner saddleries and from 59€ of purchase in relay point and 112€ in colissimo to France. You can systematically use our rental service for all your purchases of bits. Nevertheless we align ourselves if you find cheaper elsewhere. Do not hesitate to consult our price policy! This selection of products and / or variations of products in promotion corresponds to models not followed by the Brand or continued but in overstock.


  • Devenez Autopilot

    The innovative design of Autopilot bits automatically positions the mouthpiece in the horse's mouth so that the pressure exerted on the tongue and the chin is as low as possible. The anatomy of the mouth varies from horse to horse, as do their preferences for mouthpiece positioning, which the animal can now determine for itself. We have found that the Autopilot version of the pelham does not degrade the horses' natural balance, and the contact between the hand and the horse's mouth is very fine.

  • Sélection de Briderie

    Discover a selection of bridle, double bridle and training system at a low price ! 

  • Découvrez le titane

    Take advantage of a low price to try out the top of the range metal material for its lightness, thermal and relaxing qualities !

  • La marque Beris

    Enjoy a selection of bits from the famous German brande Beris, specialists in the manufacture of top of the range resin bits !

  • L'innovation Pinchless

    Take advantage of our low prices to provide your horse with comfort thanks to Pinchless technology, which prevents pinching thanks to the double rotation of the barrels !

  • La gamme sensitive

    Discover the Sensitive range of bit from Acavallo at a low prices ! 

  • Vente express

    Special offers on a wide range of bits to grab now ! 

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