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Alain Ventre G1 bit straight + leather strap


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Alain Ventre G1 bit straight + leather strap

Alain Ventre

Alain Ventre

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Product Details

Reference: 1311

(Total) rings size: 160mm

Mouthpiece type: Full (not hollow)

Thickness: 17mm


We can order other sizes, please contact us here !


Plastic. The Plastic soft straight bits stimulate chewing which allows the horse to pay more attention. They promote the production of saliva and are particularly pleasant in the mouth. They also protect the horse's tongue, corners of the mouth and lips. They are especially recommended for horses with particularly sensitive mouths.

The G2 bit by Alain Ventre consists of a 3 rings bits with a leather strap which exerts pressure both on the curb and on the nose with the noseband. When the tension of the reins is high, the action of the hand return to the front and the back of the noseband to relieve the mouth. The horse remains quite, while the rebound and the control increases. Works on the horse's balance forces him to get his own balance. ant putting his weight on his hindquarters. It allows you to tilt the horse on the back hand while keeping a significant tension. It can be used with two or four reins or alliances. The pressure at the neck is less than a pessoa jaw model thanks to the action of the strap. The straight version fits for sensibles horses with difficulties to take tension over the bit. 

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