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The only shoe protection in the world with registered patents. Shoesecure covers the heels of the horse's front shoes, preventing the horse from stepping on them with his hind shoes, and causing him to buck. Shoesecure is designed to be used for riding, putting your horse in the pasture or paddock. It is especially useful for horses that spend part of their day outside and/or those that often buck. Shoesecures are not meant to be left on continuously. 

Size: Small and Medium

Sizes fit a wide selection of shoes. Measure the diameter of the shoe to get the best size. Small: 10-13cm, Medium: 13-16.5cm. If the protector is a little too high it can easily be cut and adjusted to fit your horse. 

Material: Extremely durable polyurethane. 

How to attach shoesecure: We recommend that you ask your farrier to drill them so that they are in the same place as your shoe mortises. After choosing the right size shoesecure, make sure you have a clean, round shoe on the back. Expand or compress the sides of the shoesecure to fit. Once Shoescure has been drilled, and you are ready to put it on, lift your horse's foot. Clean the cleat holes in the shoes. Place Shoescure over the shoe, carefully locate the cleat hole in the shoes, press the cleat into the hole and tighten the cleat with the wrench. Adjust the second spike and tighten firmly with the wrench. Leave the side of the clamp parallel to the side of the iron. Do not let the tip of the cleat point out of the shoe. 

Tip for riding with shoesecures: You have to modify them slightly, or have them modified by your farrier, it's even better! It is important to make sure that the shoesecure is positioned as close as possible to the sides and glomes, minimizing any space between the foot and the shoesecure. File the back of the shoesecure. Shoesecures should not be used on the road, no matter how long, as the studs will wear out and become loose. You can also put on top of the tape. 

Always use the cleats supplied with shoesecure for this purpose. Do not use any other bolt or spike to attach shoescure to the iron. 

Shoescure does not fit: If the horse walks on very hard ground, or asphalt. If the horse is walking.