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2 in 1 French Link Butterfly


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2 in 1 French Link Butterfly



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Product Details

Reference: 2293


Rings size: 40mm


Shank length: 14cm


Mouthpiece type: full (not hollow)


Thickness of the mouthpiece: 16mm


Weight: 300g


1 Bit - 2 impact levels
The new 2 in 1 bit offers two additional impact levels in the horse’s mouth by simply switching the sides of the bit.
1. If you buckle the more angular side of the bit towards the horse’s tongue, the pressure occurs more selectively.
2. If you buckle the round side towards the horse’s tongue, you have a softer impact.
If the sign + is visible on the mounting side, the more effective side is in use. If you cannot see the + sign from the mounting side, the softer side is in use.
Changing the buckling from time to time prevents a desensitization of the horse’s mouth.

Benefits of SWEET Copper Link:
• Better acceptance
• Pleasant sweet taste of the middle piece
• Encourages chewing and salivation
• Solid copper composition (90% Copper, 7% Iron Aluminum, no Nickel) with very high strength
• Horses feel good with SWEET Copper

Advantages of the butterfly snaffle
• especially suitable in jumping
• enhanced impact and control
• supports horses in tight turns
• buckling is possible in many ways:
1. If the reins are fixed on the center ring, the effect is similar to the one of a Baucher bit mostly acting on the horse’s mouth and putting only a slight pressure on the neck.
2. If the reins are fixed on the lower ring, the lever action is intensified. The bit then acts similar to a 3-ring gag. However, the pressure is distributed more evenly on the horse’s mouth and neck so that horses accept this bit more easily than a 3-ring gag.
3. A medium impact can be obtained by using a pelham strap fixed on the center ring and lower ring.
4. Additionally, you can fix a chin strap on the upper ring.

Stübben STEELtec quality:
• No rough edges that could hurt the horse's mouth
• Long durability due to selected materials
• A special processing technology ensures that bit holes and link pieces remain intact for longer

Complementary information

Stainless steel and the sweet copper link activates saliva production an ensures a better acceptance

The butterfly bit is particularly suitable for jumping. It increases the rider's control over the horse especially in tight curves. 
The many possible combinations of the choice of reins and side placement, soft or strong, produce very variable effects.
The different combinations of reins and wedding rings :
1. Reins on the central ring: the action of the bit resembles that of a Baucher net. The main action acts on the horse's mouth, so the pressure on the neck is very light. 
2.Reins on the lower ring: the leverage effect is stronger. The bit is similar to a 3-ring snaffle, but the pressure is equally distributed on the horse's mouth and neck. 
3. A medium impact is achieved by the use of alloys which are fixed on the middle and lower rings. 
4.Alternatively, you can also use a chain bracelet, which is attached to the top ring.

Change impact levels by simply switching the sides.
Prevents desensitization of the horse's mouth.


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